Cpl. James R. Baynard

LCpl. James R. Baynard

CPL. JAMES R. BAYNARD – U.S. Marine Corps

Hometown / City: Richmond, VA
Date of Death: Sunday, October 23, 1983
Conflict: Beirut, Lebanon
Branch: U.S. Marine Corps
Rank: LCpl.

Birth: Aug. 6, 1960
Death: Oct. 23, 1983
Beirut, Lebanon

United States Marine Corps. One of the 241 U.S. Servicemen killed in a single strike, when a terrorist truck bomb ripped through the United States Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon on October 23, 1983. This bombing drove the military from its peacekeeping mission in Lebanon and provided a blueprint for attacking Americans.

HOMETOWN: Richmond, VA

Age: 23

Maury Cemetery
Richmond City
Virginia, USA Cpl. James R. Baynard 2

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